YT-SOFTWARE® offers a complete imaging toolbox

Image acquisition, device controlling as well as image and data analysis software for SYNENTEC's portfolio of automated imaging systems. YT-SOFTWARE® supports over 64 pre-configured imaging apps - ready to use - that are continuously extended and provide all applications for your high-throughput R&D processes in CLD and science.

Discover all the advantages



  • on demand live processing during experiment setup
  • automated high-quality image acquisition
  • accurate, reliable image analysis
  • automated, customizable data and image export function for report creation, documentation and regulatory approval


  • automation interfaces
  • data batch-processing solutions for highest claims in plate throughput
  • additional software licenses in combination with an imaging system independent evaluation mode, to reduces workstation blocking during data examination


  • intuitive workflow to set up your experiment
  • over 64 pre-configured image processing apps – ready to use
  • AI and ML based project setups for demanding tasks
  • 21 CFR part 11 & Annex 11 compliant imaging software variant

Image Cytometry – From Cells to Numbers

High-content imaging using high-throughput approach

We offer innovative methods and technologies to help you achieve your R&D goals. Our automated cell imagers provide the highest image quality of any cell imaging system on the market, and combined with cutting edge software suites and laboratory automation solutions, ensure the most effective support in your field of application. Some typical applications:

  • Cell Line Development (e.g. Single Cell Cloning, Proof of Monoclonality, CRISPR/Cas9 Tracking, Transfection Efficiency, Cell Viability Monitoring, PAIA Protein Titer Measurements, PAIA Glycosylation Measurements, Fluorescent Activated Single Cell Cloning (FASCC)) 
  • Cancer Research and Drug Discovery (e.g. Imaging of 3D Spheroids, Toxicity Testing, IC50 studies, Cell Expansion Tracking, Apoptosis Monitoring, Nucleus Characterization, Wound Healing & Migration Assay, yH2AX-DNA-Damage, Cell Cycle & Mitosis)
  • Stem Cell Research (e.g. iPS Colony Count, Fluorescent Pluripotency Studies, Validation of Proliferation and Cell Migration, Cell Differentiation Analysis, Recombinant Lectin Probes, Cornea Cell Count, siRNA Detection, iPS-Cell-Marker Characterization)
  • Immunology (e.g B-Cell and T-Cell Studies, Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Testing, Evaluation of Helper T-Cells and Subsets, Performing Cell Death Studies)
  • Vaccine Research (e.g. Focus Forming Assay (FFA) for Virus Titer Quantification, Immunofluorescence Foci Assay (IFA) for Viral Infectivity, Viral Plaque Assay, Viral Pathogenesis with Quantifying Morphological Changes, Transduction Efficiency with Fluorescence Coupled Gene Expression, Cytopathic Effect Quantification (Viral CPE))

Turn your images into meaningful numbers

YT-SOFTWARE complete imaging toolbox

Export capabilities

The YT-SOFTWARE® offers a complete toolbox: starting from experimental set-up and automatic high throughput image acquisition over precise image analysis up towards the storage, handling and processing of data for documentation and presentation purposes. And the high-resolution, stored images mean your results can be tracked over years to come.

Exportable Settings

  • Experimental settings
  • Image processing settings

Exportable Data

  • Result table
  • High content object data
  • Plate heat map
  • Growth curves / Time charts
  • Histogram
  • Scatter plot

Exportable Images

  • Clone galery for SCC-report
  • Plate overview
  • Well channels & well overlay
  • All taken Raw-images as ZIP-container
  • Add brightness, contrast and normalization settings to image

Data presentation in YT-SOFTWARE

From Cells to Numbers