Fastest imager in the market - up to 50MB/s image acquisition

The CELLAVISTA® 4 is an automated ultrahigh-throughput imaging system that non-invasively measures brightfield and fluorescence assays in multi-well plates, chamber slides or RoboFlasks for an extremely broad range of cellular applications in cell line development, cellular research and drug discovery.

Discover all the advantages



  • automated, ultrafast non-invasive brightfield and multiplex fluorescence imaging with multiparameter image analysis, commonly used in high throughput environments
  • real 0.8 µm resolution @10x - not only on the datasheet


  • SBS standard plate formats (384, 96, 24, 12, 6), dishes, T 25 flasks and microscope slides
  • imaging about 250 plates a day
  • customizable data and image export function for report creation, documentation and regulatory approval
  • configurable resolution settings (data compression) as first real 4k imager on the market


  • automation ready set up for integration into automated environments and easy linking to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers (e.g. SYNENTECs CytomatTM 2 C-LiN & SYBOT-1000 or extern providers like PAA, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman Coulter and ThermoFisher Scientific)
  • up to 5 different magnifications
  • white light and 6 fluorescence excitation/emission channels

Advanced Technological Features

  • Enhanced harmonic motion for imaging without agitation during plate scan
  • Ultrafast multiplex imaging
  • Highly sensitive optics for perfect resolution
  • HCS-grade lenses
  • 3 times more sensitive fluorescence module enabling shorter exposures
  • Faster measurements and less photobleaching than ever before
  • Autofocus performance is twice as fast as in previous models


To get an overview of our imager and their characteristics please see 'Compare Technical Specifications' on Product page.

Diving into the deep

Different Variants of CELLAVISTA® 4

SCIENTIFIC Line – More than high resolution

Featuring high-sensitivity 16-bit sCMOS cameras combined with high numerical aperture objectives, the SCIENTIFIC instrument series achieve better resolution in a higher dynamic range and employ a quantum efficiency of more than 80% (relevant to detect weak fluorescence). This enables the performance of higher dynamic range assays due to a better signal-to-noise (S/N or SNR) ratio.

CELLAVISTA® 4K - No artificial calculations, just pure resolution

The first automated 4K cell imager series with high throughput and configurable resolution settings (data compression) - because resolution can matter! 
We have invested a lot of time and know-how to achieve this true 0.8 µm resolution at 10x. This gives you the possibility especially in brightfield area to check for monoclonality of your SCC applications and not miss a single cell fragment.

4k resolution
4k resolution
2k resolution
2k resolution
1k resolution
1k resolution