SYNENTEC and myriameds myrIMage für myrPlates imaging. Video optical high-throughput analysis für IND ICH hERG drug testing.


High-throughput platform for drug-screening on contractile tissue

The myrImager is a video-optical high-throughput imaging platform developed in parallel with the myrPlates. 

It works in combination with the myriamed 48-well 3D cell/tissue culture plates to provide a comprehensive imaging solution for tissue models (e.g. iPSC generated) in research and drug screening e.g. during the development of new medicines (IND) related to ICH hERG testing guidelines.

Discover all the advantages



  • one shot whole plate imaging
  • video-optical drug screening for long term and acute measurements
  • imaging of 48 samples (tissues) in 60s
  • contraction kinetics (force-time curves) for funtional IC50/EC50 studies


  • 48-well 3D cell/tissue culture myrPlates
  • functional analysis of contractile tissue such as cardiomyocytes, skeletal muscle or connective tissue
  • spontaneously contracting tissue or contraction by stimulation of optogenetic receptor


  • small footprint
  • easy integration into standard incubator for 24/7 long-term chronic measurements for rare events (e.g. arythmia) with ease-of-use external control to prevent contamination
  • robust architecture for reliable, highly reproducible measurements

High-throughput functional drug-screening

Best-in-class tissue imager for functional kinetics

The myrImager was developed based on myriamed’s unrivaled expertise in pluripotent stem cell-based tissue formulations and their phenotypic analyses. It images heart muscle, skeletal muscle and connective tissue formulations prepared in myriamed proprietary myrPlates and performs  contraction kinetics (force-time curves) e.g. for funtional IC50/EC50 studies.


SYNENTEC as expert in microscopic solutions for automated high-content screens took on the challenge to re-engineer the myrImager to develop it into a unique product for the stem cell & drug-screening community.