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Compact Image Cytometry

This fully automated cell imager is characterized by its mechanical robustness, small footprint, optical quality and functionality balanced features in a way that you will soon recognize that NYONE® is a valuable member of your team - ideal partner for medium-throughput laboratories with limited bench space!

Discover all the advantages



  • automated, fast and non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging 
  • complete scan of a 96-well microplate in about 5 minutes
  • about 100 plates per 10 hours
  • multi-parameter image analysis


  • SBS standard plate formats (384, 96, 24, 12, 6), dishes, T 25 flasks and microscope slides
  • customizable data and image export function for report creation, documentation and regulatory approval
  • transferability, as NYONE runs on the same software platform and supports the same applications as CELLAVISTA


  • small footprint to saves valuable labspace
  • up to 3 different magnifications
  • white light and 4 fluorescence excitation sources with up to 5 fluorescence emission filters

Advanced Technological Features

  • Agitation-free imaging of adherent and suspension cells through harmonic motion
  • Reliably reproducible measurements through high-precision scan stage control
  • Ultra-fast filter wheel – 40 ms position changing time (e.g. well suited for FRET assays)
  • Excellent well edge illumination of microplates
  • Perfect, seemless image stitching
  • Ultra-fast electronically switched excitation sources - less than 5 ms switching time
  • Always in focus due to specially designed laser autofocus mechanisms
  • Leverages the flexibility of automated image analysis to maximize the output of your cellular assays


To get an overview of our imager and their characteristics please see 'Compare Technical Specifications' on Product page.

Diving into the deep

Different Variants of NYONE®


Featuring high-sensitivity 16-bit sCMOS cameras combined with high numerical aperture objectives, the SCIENTIFIC instrument series achieve better resolution in a higher dynamic range and employ a quantum efficiency of more than 80% (relevant to detect weak fluorescence). This enables the performance of higher dynamic range assays due to a better signal-to-noise (S/N or SNR) ratio.

16 bit sCMOS SCIENTIFIC camera (65.635 greyscale)
16 bit sCMOS SCIENTIFIC camera (65.635 greyscale)

4K Product Line

Native 4K imaging does not compromise throughput, it simply increases resolution and clarity. This gives you the possibility especially in brightfield area to check for monoclonality of your SCC applications and not miss a single cell fragment.

NYONE frontal view
NYONE frontal view
NYONE top view
NYONE top view
NYONE back view
NYONE back view