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We Keep Your Cells In Focus!


CELLAVISTA 4® is a fully automated cell imager designed for the characterization of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process. The CELLAVISTA 4® imaging system support state-of-the-art automation and can be easily linked with Plate Stackers, Cell printers, Incubators, Liquid Handlers & Clone Pickers.
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Due to the fact that many labs run their application in medium throughput, NyONE® is the perfect choice to save money and bench space. This fully automated cell imager is characterized by its mechanical robustness, optical quality and functionality balanced features in a way that you will soon recognize that NyONE® is a reliable member of your team.
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We offer customized solutions to solve your individual cell culture challenges, such as demonstrating monoclonality for regulatory approval in the filed of cell line development with our CLD-specialized systems. Or viability tests and cell density measurements in process development as well as high content applications - which can be covered in particular with our new Scientific instrument series, designed around a highly sensitive 16 bit sCMOS camera.

We develop automated cell culture microscopes such as CELLAVISTA® and NYONE® to offer a way to answer your individual cell culture questions in a fast and easy way. Our YT-image analysis software® is constantly being expanded with new applications and our products are used both in the field of cell line development as well as in scientific research.

Applications like…

  • Single Cell Cloning (SCC), High Resolution Cloning as well as Fluorescence activated SCC (FASCC)
  • Trypan Blue Viability Count
  • Suspension Cell Count, Confluence Measurement and Colony Detection
  • FASC Seeding Control
  • Transfection Efficiency

…provide only a part of all the possibilities amongst which we facilitate your daily lab use in CLD and make it a little more professional!

You like going more into the depth? Discover your cells with applications like…

  • Cell Nuclei Count and Characterization
  • Immuno-stainings
  • Analysis of Tumor Spheroids
  • Antibody Internalization
  • CD-marker Analysis
  • iPS-cell Detection
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Apoptosis Monitoring
  • Total Well Intensity Quantitation

…and see what's all possible with our Scientific Product Line - designed around a 16bit sCMOS camera giving both high-throughput & high-content fluorescence imaging!