SYNENTECs peripherals & robotics

From simple plate loading with SYBOT X-1000 at ambient temperature or long-term imaging combining SYBOT X-1000 with CYTOMATTM 2 C-LiN to high end integrations with external collaborators into cutting edge automation enclosures, SYNENTEC has a solution for your automation project.

Cutting-edge automation

Market leading high throughput technology - From a single source

Discover our extremely robust all-in-one wheeled screening station with CYTOMAT 2 C-LiN, SYBOT X-1000, CELLAVISTA & YT-SOFTWARE - for ultra-fast, highly accurate and gentle monitoring of a wide range of cell assays.

Monitoring over time

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SYNENTEC offers various peripheral products and robotics for automation to extend functionality and to improve laboratory processes as well as increase throughput and walk away time:

  • Including automation server package for 24/7 operation according to schedule, for which you don't need any programming skills
  • SYNET.viewer learning and simulation software for SYBOT X-1000 automation provides a plant simulator to run a digital twin of your automation, allowing you to virtually test every aspect of the automation before it is started or before you make any adjustments
  • Perfect traceability via barcode scanner inside the CYTOMAT 2 C-LiN for your documentation
  • Precise handling using electronic plate alignment compensates variations in plate grip
  • Optical sensors for plate presence in all positions on the automation deck avoids missing steps that make your process extremely robust

state-of-the-art automation interface

Intelligent Handling Systems

In addition to our own automation product portfolio, SYNENTEC has been working with various automation professionals for many years to bring high-throughput imaging seamlessly into customized automation environments: