Trypan Blue Viability Assay

Low cost Trypan Blue viability assay for cell counting and cell density analysis with CELLAVISTA® 4 and NYONE® high-throughput imaging systems, based on Trypan Blue dye exclusion principle, without haemocytometer.

Trypan Blue Viability Assay – The Evergreen In Each Lab

[Trypan Blue]

Trypan Blue Viability Assay automated imaged with high-throughput Imaging Systems CELLAVISTA & NYONE Trypan Blue Viability Assay Counting  Trypan Blue Viability Assay automated imaged with high-throughput Imaging Systems CELLAVISTA & NYONE Cell Counting with YT-Software

Cultivation of cells and cell based assays often require researchers to determine the number of cells they for preparing for cellular assays. Furthermore, in routine sub-culturing, cell line development or upscale bioreactor cultivation (fed batch & harvesting), it is important to control the viability of the culture. The Trypan Blue viability test is a widely used technique to determine the cell number and the culture viability. In a lot of cases this is performed manually by counting cells with a hemocytometer which is tedious and leads to subjective and biased results. Automated or semi-automated cell counters are available for this purpose and each one has individual advantages and disadvantages e.g. consumption of sample volume, cost intensiv sample disposables, long measurement durations and no automated triplicate sample-scanning.

SYNENTEC has adopted the classical Trypan Blue staining method for its NYONE® and CELLAVISTA® cell imagers and solves many disadvantages of other viability testing methods:

  • whole-well measurements in standard 96-well microplates (no need for expensive sample carriers)
  • significantly increasing throughput (5 minutes per 96 samples)
  • small sample volumes (20 µL in total)
  • exact reproducibility
  • simple triplicates in one measurement
  • automated image analysis and data management
  • batch processing capabilities


Extract from the software readout (for further information look at AppNote Trypan Blue Viability and ShortNote Trypan Blue):

  • Viability in %
  • VCD/mL
  • CD/mL
  • # of Aggregates/mL
  • Ratio of Aggregates in %
  • Avg. Cell Diameter in µm
Trypan Blue Viability Assay & Cell Counting with YT-Software