The CELLAVISTA® 4 is an ultrahigh-throughput imaging system that non-invasively measures brightfield and fluorescence assays in multi-well plates, chamber slides or RoboFlasks for an extremely broad range of cellular applications in cell line development, cellular research and drug discovery.


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Advanced Technological Features

  • Enhanced harmonic motion for imaging without agitation during plate scan
  • Ultrafast multiplex imaging
  • Highly sensitive optics for perfect resolution
  • HCS-grade lenses
  • 3 times more sensitive fluorescence module enabling shorter exposures
  • Faster measurements and less photobleaching than ever before
  • Autofocus performance is twice as fast as in previous models


To get an overview of our imager and their characteristics please see 'Compare Technical Specifications' on Product page.


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In 2007 SYNENTEC developed the 1st generation of CELLAVISTA® - at times marketed by Innovatis and Roche - whose technology and image processing is constantly being improved.

10 years later there was not just a facelift for CELLAVISTA®, SYNENTEC`s engineers developed the 4th Generation of Cellavista. This newly revised automated cell culture microscope is characterized by same high quality as previous models but has many new features.

CELLAVISTA4® is designed for the characterization of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process. The system is able to image organisms like zebrafish as well as fragments of a nucleus. The wide range of achievable resolutions makes this an ideal tool for research. This new generation of automated cell culture microscope enables high content measurements even in high throughput formats. 
CELLAVISTA® is set up with 6 different excitation sources and 6 different emission channels within the visible spectrum from UV (e.g. Hoechst/DAPI) to RED (e.g. Alexa®647).



  • automated, ultrafast multiplex and non-invasive brightfield and fluorescence imaging with multiparameter image analysis, commonly used in high throughput environments.


  • SBS standard plate formats (384, 96, 24, 12, 6), dishes, T 25 flasks and microscope slides.

  • imaging about 250 plates a day.

  • customizable data and image export function for report creation, documentation and regulatory approval.


  • automation ready set up for integration into automated environments and easy linking to robotic arms, plate stackers, incubators, liquid handlers and clone pickers (e.g. PAA, Hamilton, Tecan, Caliper, Beckman Coulter and ThermoFisher Scientific).
  • up to 5 different magnifications.
  • white light and 6 fluorescence excitation/emission channels.

Different Variants of CELLAVISTA® 4

SCIENTIFIC Line – More Than High Resolution


Wider ranges of signal intensities can be measured by using one of SYNENTEC‘s lauchend CELLAVISTA® SCIENTIFIC line. These will use highly sensitive 16 bit sCMOS cameras, combined with high numeric aperture lenses. The SCIENTIFIC instruments will reach better resolution in a higher dynamic range, using a quantum efficiency of over 80 %. This allows the user to perform assays with higher dynamic range, due to a better signal to background ratio.

Diving into the deep with CELLAVISTA®:

Cellular research is the key to understand the functionality of different cell mechanisms e.g. in certain diseases or in the field of drug discovery. The CELLAVISTA® cell imager with its associated image analysis software detects highly selective between different cellular characteristics.

Cellular assays are required for the development of new pharmaceuticals and therapies. The CELLAVISTA® is your gateway to innovative cellular assays which can be demonstrated e.g. in the field of stem cell research with a resolution up to 306 nm per pixel!

Due to the high performance white light unit of the CELLAVISTA® sophisticated brightfield applications with weak contrast, such as iPS-cell characterization, are ideal for the CELLAVISTA® imaging system!

  • Spheroid charcterization & growth monitoring
  • Cell Nuclei Count and Organell Characterization
  • Immunocyto-Staining
  • Morphology Studies
  • CD-Marker
  • iPS-Cell Detection
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Apoptosis Monitoring

CELLAVISTA® 4 SCIENTIFIC instrument series with even more features for high content applications, designed around a highly sensitive 16 bit sCMOS camera.

Cell Line Development (CLD) Line – Precision Matters


The CELLAVISTA® 4 is the ideal tool to generate stable monoclonal cell populations expressing the desired phenotype with the potential for upscaling in a high-throughput manner (2 minutes for an entire 96 well plate)!

Cell colonies are automatically detected with the included YT-software® and assurance of monoclonality is easily given by tracking back the colony growth to the first day. Colony size and, in case of co-transfection, the fluorescence intensity of the colony can be used as selection criteria for the high producing clones. Furthermore the productivity can be checked in combination with the PAIAplate.

Sure you could do the job yourself.
The question is “why”…. Not using the power of Cellavista®?

  • CRISPR/Cas Gene Editing
  • Single Cell Cloning (support of different methods and resolutions)
  • Trypan Blue Viability monitoring (Trypan Blue-Kit®)
  • Suspension Cell Count
  • FASC Seeding Control
  • Transfection Efficiency
  • mAb-Aggregate Screening (mAbregation-Kit®)
  • Total Well Intensity
  • Microplate Quality Control

CELLAVISTA® 4 CLD basic and CELLAVISTA® 4 CLD highend. Please click here for detailed information.