Service Request

Before any service assignment can be initiated, the corresponding service request form (pdf) must be filled out in full and returned by e-mail to SYNENTEC GmbH. Once received, a SYNENTEC service-team member will be in contact with you to arrange any necessary service calls or course of action as required.

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*Please note: we are only able to process service inquiries that reach us through this form. We can not accept telephone inquiries and loose requests via e-mail.

*Adobe® Reader® is required to open and complete the application form.


1. Where can I find the instrument serial number?

- you can find the instrument serial number on the backside of the instrument

Instrument Serial Number

2. How can I figure out the software version?

- therefor you have to start the device software, choose Measurement or Evaluation and click the Info-button on the right hand of the window; in the appearing sheet you find the software version

Software Version Info

3. Where can I find the control-PC serial number?

- you can find the control-PC serial number on the top-front or the back-side of the PC

4. How can I figure out the Windows version?

- move to Control Panel\System and Security\System on the control-PC and look at Windows-Edition

5. How do I know the device configuration/model?

- the supplied device model and all customized parts are part of the purchase contract and can be taken from this

6. How do I know whether we have and if yes which service agreement we have with the SYNENTEC GmbH?

- if your company has entered into a service contract with us, we have sent you a corresponding contract to which you can find all the details

7. How much are the service-costs?

- this depends, among other things, from the issue and the existing service agreement; more detailed information you can get if a service employee has contacted you

8. How will I get a quotation for the service-arrangement?

- after sending the service request, a service representative will contact you and provide all the required documentation