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Meet us at global conferences, trade fairs and congresses, and do not miss our latest software and devices developments as well as our latest assay-kits!

In 2017, we started to set up a UserClub. Because we benefit from the criticism and the comments of our users. And the user community is enriched for their further development by the exchange of experiences.


Check out Scientific line of CELLAVISTA® and NYONE® for High Content Screening

Wider ranges of signal intensities can be measured by using one of SYNENTEC‘s lauchend NYONE® and CELLAVISTA® Scientific line. These will use highly sensitive 16 bit sCMOS cameras, combined with high numeric aperture lenses. The Scientific instruments will reach better resolution in a higher dynamic range, using a quantum efficiency of over 80 %. This allows the user to perform assays with higher dynamic range, due to a better signal to background ratio.