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Meet us at global conferences, trade fairs and congresses, and do not miss our latest software and device developments as well as our latest assay-kits!

In 2017, we started to set up a UserClub. Because we benefit from the criticism and the comments of our users. And the user community is enriched for their further development by the exchange of experiences.

YT-Software® Applications


SYNENTEC has updated the Wound-Healing (Scratch-Assay) Application Note. In this Application Note several ways of conducting a scratch assay in brightfield and/or fluorescence imaging is presented. Additionally the WoundHealing-ROI-Finder is introduced, enabling accurate imaging of scratched cell layers to the world of SYNENTEC's high-throughput imaging systems.

The Application Note is available to be downloaded at: https://synentec.com/files/woundhealing__an-b003-xvii-07_.pdf

Global Conferences, Trade Fairs and Congresses

Hardware & Instrument News

CELLAVISTA 4th Generation

High Content Measurements - even with High Throughput
Advanced Imaging and Analytics

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Newly developed plate handler that is completely integrated in YT-Software and compatible with CELLAVISTA and NYONE.
Tailored to our customer`s demands we have developed SYBOT-800. Due to increasing throughput requirements in research and development, SYBOT-800 has got a capacity of 20 (lidded) plates and 3 supplied racks increasing walk-away times by automation of plate loading. The short handling time is 30 seconds per plate. All applications can be automated using the SYBOT-800.

Batch Processing Server

High performance server specificly designed for SYNENTEC`s image processing algorithm and image/data exports

New Assay-Kits

Trypan-Blue-Kit® for viability testing

  • 2 x 20 mL Trypan Blue 0.02 %
  • 2 x 20 mL DPBS w/o Ca & Mg
  • 2 x sample Plates (96 MTP half area)
  • Cat# 200114
  • 79,- € (+ taxes & shipping costs)

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mAbregation-Kit® for IgG quality control

  • 2 x 4 mL mAbregation® ready-to-use staining solution
  • Precipitation reagent
  • Cat# 200115
  • 129,- € (+ taxes & shipping costs)

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