We offer ready-to-use Assay-Kits for easy, sensitive determination of cell viability and for quality-control in antibody- and proteindevelopment, which are specifically designed and applied for use with our cell imagers.

SYNENTEC's High Throughput ready-to-use Assay-Kits

Trypan Blue Kit Flasks

SYNENTEC GmbH manufactures and distributes various ready-to-use assay kits, which are specifically designed and applied for use with our cell imagers.

This includes the Trypan-Blue-Kit® for cell viability analysis and the mAbregation-Kit®, which provides a fast way for IgG-Aggregation analysis in process optimization.

Monitoring Viability with SYNENTEC's Trypan-Blue-Kit®

Trypan Blue Quick Guide

Cultivation of cells and cell based assays often require researchers to determine the number of cells they are preparing for these assays. Furthermore, in routine sub-culturing, cell line development or upscale bioreactor cultivation (harvesting), it is important to control the viability of the culture.

SYNENTEC has adopted the classical Trypan Blue staining method for its cell imagers and developed the Trypan-Blue-Kit®, with which the Trypan Blue assay can be carried out as whole-well measurements in 96-well microplates. With significantly increasing throughput, requiring extremely small sample volumes than other existing assay formats and needing a minimum of Trypan Blue concentration - reduces cell toxicity, which increases the accuracy of the results!

Ordering Information for Trypan-Blue-Kit®

  • 2 x 20 mL Trypan Blue 0.02 %
  • 2 x 20 mL DPBS w/o Ca & Mg
  • 2 x sample Plates (96 MTP half area)
  • Cat# 200114 
  • 79,- € (+ taxes & shipping costs)

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Quantification of mAb-aggregates in cell culture supernatants with SYNENTEC's mAbregation-Kit®

mAbregation Quick Guide

The development of new biopharmaceuticals plays an important role in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer, autoimmune- and inflammatory diseases. Producing such a biopharmaceutical, like monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), requires many optimization steps between the start cell and the final production process.
Like most proteins, mAbs tend to form aggregates during manufacturing, negatively impacting the quality, safety and efficacy of these biotherapeutics. It is very expensive to remove those aggregates during the purification steps. Therefore, one goal is to optimize the process in such a way that it does not even come to the formation of these mAb-aggregates.

Using the mAbregation-Kit® in combination with SYNENTEC's imaging systems provides an ideal way to optimize the efficiency of your process, giving the highest yield of the desired biopharmaceutical. The containing fluorescence-dye specifically stained mAb-aggregates, which can be analyzable with the mAB-Aggregation Screening Operator of SYNENTEC's YT-software®.

Ordering Information for mAbregation-Kit®

  • 2 x 4 mL mAbregation® ready-to-use staining solution
  • Precipitation reagent
  • Cat# 200115
  • 129,- € (+ taxes & shipping costs)

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