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Cell Migration Assays

With conventional microscopes, wound healing analysis is time consuming and usually only a few samples can be analyzed at the same time. For this reason, we have developed a very efficient and flexible method for measuring and analyzing wound healing and scratch assays in a high-throughput format.

Automated Image-Based Wound Healing Assay to analyse Cell Migration in a High-throughput Format

ORIS gap closure time-siries in fluorescence

The development of new drugs and biopharmaceuticals will turn the science of today into the medicine of tomorrow. This requires a precise experimental implementation from researchers and manufactures as well. All steps to achieve that goal are associated with high time pressure and a lot of time consuming assay work – in a very broad range of applications.

SYNENTEC developed an automated high throughput solution for wound healing, scratch and migration assays while covering the use of round and rectangular silicone inserts as well as handmade or automated scratches.

Cell migration into the cell-free gap can periodically be imaged with the CELLAVISTA® and NYONE® imaging systems and analyzed with the automated 2 phases wound healing operator of the YT-software®.

Supported scratching methods e.g.

  • Pipette tip scratches
  • Automated Wound-Maker (e.g. like IncuCyte™ WoundMaker™,  BioTek® AutoScratch™ or Robotic Pin Tools)
  • Silicon inserts (e.g. like ibidi® culture-insert or ORIS™ Cell Migration Assay Plates)

Automatically detects all kind of cell free gaps

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Irregular shaped elongated scratches
  • Automatically produced homogeneous scratches
  • Cross-shaped with several compartments
  • independent of orientation and angel inside the well
SYNENTECs YT-software Detects wounds of different Lengths, Widths. Sizes and Shapes. Also rotated, crooked or uneven gaps.<br />

Extract from the software readout

  • Wound dimension at each time point
  • Confluence on wound periphery in % (to differentiate migration/proliferation)
  • Confluence on cell free gap (wound) %
  • Time lapsed closure curve
  • All parameters to calculate wound density

Your benefits

  • Intuitive 2-Phase software workflow to set up your experiment
  • Performing automated high-quality image acquisition in parallel with accurate, reliable image analysis
  • Automated, customizable data and image export function for report creation and documentation
  • Available data batch-processing solutions for highest claims in plate throughput
  • Supporting automation interfaces
Automated high troughput measurement of high content tumor- & stromal-cells co-culture in ibidi inserts with NYONE Scientific SC4

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